Four Things About Marriage


Marriage has more joys and graces than we often portray. These graces take up nearly every moment of each day in all the corners and spaces of our married lives, continuously offering to us a mystical view of our marriages. The deeper aspects of the spirituality of marriage are rarely discussed in Christian media, in blogs and even at the lectern. Our generation can be the one that sheds light upon these graces for a true revitalization of marriage culture.


Marriage grace is available in plentiful amounts for everyone in the family. This one idea about marriage—that it overflows with grace—may be the most overlooked part of the sacrament, but it is the most potent idea we can hold onto in marriage. Many young persons think they want to “get married” or live “happily ever after”, but what they are really seeking, if they knew only to seek for it, is the daily grace that makes married life rich and overflowing with divine goodness.


The world longs to know that marriage is not a broken institution, but one that is as good and fruitful as God promises and Christians profess. People thirst for the idea that marriage is not just a transition in life, but a calling that brings them into an intimacy with God and spouse that they always hoped for prior to marriage. They desire the fulfillment they dreamed for, but require a new witness in our fallen world to see how a blessed marriage is once again done.


Marriage spirituality is a relatively untouched subject in religious media, though it has perhaps endless potential for deepening family life and therein bringing about social renewal. On sites like this, we can reshape how people think about spirituality—especially one that is centered on marriage grace. A spirituality of marriage that approaches that of religious life in vigor and depth has the greatest power to renew culture, because it can renew the one state in life through which all of us pass, which of course is family life.


I hope the witness here encourages you to help build a new culture around marriage. May you find grace here.

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