Our Vision

The Marriage Abbey isn’t only a site for musing and perusing. It’s actually a real thing—just more portable than your typical abbey.

In the past, we’ve held [very] small Marriage Abbey retreats where we hold each other accountable to the highest ideals of marriage spirituality, deepen and challenge relationships between families, and work to share the burden of family life with each other. The closeness of our bonds and similarities in religious outlook foster solidarity in our spiritual and vocational journeys.

Where do we hope this God-graced community leads?

To virtue, of the heroic kind.

That’s our mission statement: virtue. To complete faith, hope, love, along with prudence, fortitude, temperance, justice and art as the pillars of our lives, as practiced within a thriving marriage spirituality. And we hope to do this with you and many others in the future.

One idea that drives us is that of an “abbey”. We love the idea of a “domestic church”, as the Church so describes as a good standard home life. But the idea of an abbey is one of a place with greater focus on a lived, communal spirituality. The challenge will be to create this spiritual setting among all of our varied settings, in a vibrant, thriving communal abbey of marriage. In these pages, you’ll see how we do this.

What we are looking forward to is the Spirit speaking through all of us to let us know how we will do it better in years to come.

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