Home has the contours of grace

Home is beauty. It’s a family’s “aesthetic of grace”. Photos on our fridges are often of children in the backyard, birthday parties, and many other events at home, even though we are there and home happens right before us. Our childhood videos may be of us on vacation, during performances, or at a theme park, but the ones that tickle us—that cause us to delight in who we are—are the tender and silly moments captured right at home where we let our guard down. Photos of newborns may include the whole baby-in-a-basket look in soft studio lighting, but the photos that cause us to grin ear-to-ear are those that reflect the unexpected (and oftentimes messy) surprises of parenthood.

DSC_6869 small

Our homes have all the contours of grace: they are the major setting where we practice virtue and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We don’t have to go far and wide to capture moments that are dearest to us. All that we’re required to do is to pause, calm our minds, and observe the ordinary. You’ll know you’re looking at grace when you’re at peace looking at your family and you crack a little smile or release a little chuckle. Mystical sight is easier to acquire than many would presume.

DSC_6717 small

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